Friday, 20 June 2014

Work In Progress (WIP) - Wool Eater Blanket, Twilight Jumper and Socks!

Hi Guys,

I wanted to share with you what I am currently working on. To be honest I have about 50 million projects on the go (bit of an exaggeration ha :)), but these three are the ones I am working on at the moment.

I am obsessed with crochet at the moment, in the morning I am on pinterest looking for inspiration and ideas, not to mention the odd pattern, my crochet board has so many pins, I think I have a serious love for crochet. I'm fairly new to crochet so this is probably why I'm obsessed with it.

Anywho, I have a lot of odd balls of DK left over from the coral reef I did for my uni exhibition and I needed to use them up. Mum was telling me about the wool eater stitch a while ago, it eats through your stash, I was like yea! I need to do this, that would be perfect, so off I went onto pinterest and I found a pattern. Each colour is only two rows, and it looks awesome! I've already finished off two balls.

First two colours

Making progress. 

The back of the blanket.

A while ago I wanted to knit something in DK on the larger scale, like a jumper for me. So I decided I would knit myself for Christmas the Stylecraft Twilight Jumper 8672. I'm also knitting it in the same yarn as in the pattern picture ( I don't normally do this ha), and that is Stylecraft Amethyst 1281, for me I need 4 balls.

I really enjoy using Stylecraft yarns. This particular one, is really nice, it is a black DK with a purple metallic thread going through, it is really nice to knit with. I am currently still on the back piece, but as of yesterday I am up to shaping the arm holes. Can't wait to get the back piece done, I want to start the front piece, it has a diamond like, lacey type pattern going on, which looks fun to do.

It is a fairly easy pattern to follow at the moment, it is just st-st. I am knitting this on my interchangeable Hiya Hiya circular needles, I'm knitting it flat though, and not in the round. I have found it so much easier to use circular needs to knit flat with because there is long needle in the way, plus it makes it easier to carry about ( I'll tend to knit when I'm travelling)

I started my socks a few months ago, and I am enjoying knitting in the round, it baffles me how I only need to knit every row to get the st-st look. I still have a few more rows to do of st-st before I turn the heel. Excited. I am enjoying using the yarn, for the life of me I can't remember what brand it is, I remember the ball band having a cat on it, that is it. But I do have the ball band somewhere, so when I find it I will let you know! 

I am using Hiya Hiya dpns for this project. I really like using bamboo needles, I find them so much nicer to work with rather than steel or plastic. 

My tension is a bit all over the place, but with it being my first pair on dpns, I am not really bothered. My feet won't notice :-)

I have also recorded a video about these projects, so you can listen to me ramble on about them :-)


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