Friday, 26 July 2013

Nails Nails Nails!

I'm currently obsessed with nail varnish. Completely love it! So I thought I would share with you some colours I have recently been wearing.

Painted with Boujois Paris in Adora Bleu

Painted with OPI (can't remember name) with Revlon Top Coat

Painted in Revlon Bubbly and Revlon Top Coat

Painted in GOSH Silver and Revlon Bubbly.

My nails currently painted in AVON Arabian Glow in Coral Sands. With Revlon Top Coat.

I love pink and blue shades. Anything bright and colourful. Love it! My fave brand at the moment is Revlon, I feel that their nail varnishes are good quality and chip resistant. They have held up through my sewing and cross stitching, and opening letters at work! So they get a thumbs up from me! 

Nikki xox


Pretty flowers are all around where I am at the moment. I'm at a train station waiting to go home. And these flowers are so pretty to look at, there are lots of bees! Eck. Yay for the weekend! 

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Enjoying the Sunshine at Crafty Addicts

So one day last week, I was sat outside Crafty Addicts with a table full of goodies trying to tempt passing people to buy stuffs!

As you can see we had lots of choices. The little stall got lots of attention. Especially the cute little baby cardigans.

I sat and read old copies of ScrapBook Inspirations. I was defiantly inspired! I may do some more scrapbooking...but I need to finish one of my other projects! I have quite a few on the go haha! 

It was a nice day sitting outside and talking to people about our goodies! 

Nikki xox

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

I am now a Uni Student

Quick update! I am now officially a university student! I am so excited. I start 9th September 2013 and I will be studying Art and Design. Super super excited! 

Love Nikki

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Blackpool Winter Gardens Vintage and Home Made Fair

At the end of June, my mum and I shared a stall at the Blackpool Winter Gardens Vintage and Home Made Fair. This was my first time having a stall and I found it enjoyable. It was so interesting to see what other people made to sell, it just filled me with so much inspiration. 

There were these two ladies on the stall next to us and they were selling patchwork items for charity, their items were lovely. Seeing all the patchwork had me sewing together my first patchwork panel when we got home! I'm still trying to decide whether to attempt to make my first patchwork quilt, or a cushion...can never go wrong with a cushion!

Any who, mum and I worked together to make this stall happen! And we did, we knitted and sewed sooooooooooooo much stuff. Mum knitted and I sewed. We bounced ideas off each other, gave advice on what we could make, we even had a practice run stall in my mums shop! That's how dedicated (excited) we were about having this stall together!

So there's me, being a terrible poser in front off all our hard work! My favourite items out of collection has got to be my mums 'Cyber Sam', her knitted handbags (the cream bag hanging on the wool stand), my hedgehog cushion and Boo the Blue Monster!

The day was fun and mum and I will hopefully be going back at Christmas!